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He got me above my grade level in no time!

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If you feel you are getting a little left behind Peter is the tutor for you.

What are the "secrets" of doing well in math?

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Mathematics is based on simple, logical principles which almost everyone can understand. It was never intended to be "out of reach" of most people.The confidence that you can understand those principles will drive your success.

"Discovery" versus "Old-Fashioned" Learning

   There is currently a lot of discussion about "discovery" versus "rote" learning. Which is better?

   In my view, both are necessary. Some aspects of the curriculum, such as times tables and addition tables, have been downgraded in importance, but should be memorized. Everyone should be able to do simple arithmetic-addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Knowing this will also help out in higher grades, where the same concepts are used in more abstract situations.

   Beyond simple arithmetic, as the curriculum advances, the most important thing is to truly understand and practise each new concept as it is presented. Formulas are useful and necessary, but cannot take the place of understanding and analysis of problems. it is important to build a solid foundation for future learning and concepts.